Wildman Is Latest GPG Title, Has Kickstarter Campaign

The game will blend action role playing and real-time strategy

Video game developer Gas Powered Games reveals that the name of its next project, previously known as Project W, is Wildman, a new action role-playing game that will be funded via campaign on Kickstarter.

The company has experience with a number of genres and has previously worked on series like Total Anihilation, Age of Empires Online, Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege.

The team says that the experience offered by Wildman will evolve the role-playing game genre because it has introduced a number of real-time strategy elements to the core mechanics.

The official Kickstarter page states: “You support your troops with your own combat abilities and skills. You shape-shift into new forms that grant you new abilities. You upgrade your armies with new technology. You construct defenses. Your opponent switches tactics; you reconfigure your army to counter.”

The Gas Powered Games is led by Chris Taylor and his name alone should draw a number of fans to the project.

Wildman is designed to use the role-playing system that was seen in Dungeon Siege, with a deep loot system and options for the player to expand the abilities of his character.

Supreme Commander will influence the real-time strategy side of the game, with unit building, tech exploration and tactical challenges.

The experience the team had with Demigod will inform the way the multiplayer side of the game will work.

The team wants to get 1.1 million dollars (824,000 Euro) from backers and offers a number of contribution tiers suited for different levels of involvement.

Wildman is already about 10 percent funded and there’s an entire month for those interested to decide whether they want to contribute or not.

Wildman is seeking $1,100,000 in funding; visit the funding hub on its website to check out alternate donation options if you’re not keen on Kickstarter.

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