Wildman Focuses on Character Evolution, Has Soap Upgrade

The game can be compared with classic Civilization

Developer Gas Powered Games has revealed that its next project is called Wildman and now Chris Taylor, the leader of the studio, is giving players more information on the actual gameplay and how it resembles Civilization in some ways.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the developer says, “What you’re doing is you’re commanding your central hero, with the ability to command some other units as your hero grows in power. Those other units will fight automatically. It’s hack-and-slash in the sense that, if you compared it against a classic RPG, turn-based game, it’s more like a Diablo, more like a Dungeon Siege in that regard.”

Gamers will also have to manage their own powers, with included cooldowns, while also evaluating the overall tactical situation.

As Wildman progresses, the difficulty and complexity increase. Players will then have to choose from an array of bonuses from defeated civilizations in order to create a strategy for overall success.

Taylor has mentioned that he wants to introduce humor to the game, with, for example, soap offered as an actual tech that increases unit health.

He also talked about how Wildman relates to other historical progress games, adding, “As vague as the relationship is, there’s a bit of a dotted line between Wildman and Civilization. The story is the story of man, the development of mankind, but there’s still an opportunity for some more local storytelling between characters – instead of the epic, overarching storyline.”

Wildman is described as a mix between action role-playing game and real-time strategy and the Gas Powered Games wants to draw inspiration from its older titles, from Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander to Demigod.

The developer has also mentioned that, if the initial Wildman release is successful, the team might create other titles in the same universe that use the free-to-play model.

The game is asking for funds via Kickstarter and currently lacks a launch window.

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