Wii U Won't Get a 3DS-Like Price Cut, Nintendo Says

The Japanese company is confident that the new console will attract many customers

Nintendo has once again emphasized the fact that the Wii U won't get a price cut anytime soon, as the new home console offers a variety of features in two different versions that will attract a lot of consumers, according to the company.

Nintendo released the Wii U in North America last month and in Europe last week. While many criticized its price, which is above that of the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Nintendo actually revealed that lots of pre-orders focused on the pricier Deluxe version of the console than the lower-priced Basic one.

Now, Nintendo UK's James Honeywell and Shelly Pearce talked with Eurogamer about a potential price cut for the Wii U, in the vein of how Nintendo did with its 3DS handheld device last year.

"The 3DS was a strong launch for us - we're hoping the Wii U will be just as strong or even stronger. As for whether there will be a future price cut we certainly have no plans for it at the moment," Honeywell said.

"We have no plans for a price cut - if someone really wants it this Christmas they should go out and buy it," Pearce advised.

According to the two representatives, the Wii U offers a variety of great deals and advantages over other consoles and Nintendo is confident that both versions of the device will attract anyone interested in it.

"Obviously the Wii U offers a lot of new features and a totally new way to play games. The reason we've brought out a number of packs is to allow consumers to make the choice of which they want to purchase on day one. Ultimately we've tried to bring out a number of things at different price points and bring lots of people in," Honeywell explained.

Even so, Nintendo isn't ruling out potential price cuts in the future, as they're a basic aspect of selling things.

"All technology comes out at one price and eventually changes to another. I don't think it's unique to Nintendo or even video games," Honeywell said.

Nintendo's Wii U is out now all around the world, alongside a variety of games.

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