Wii U Will Attract People with Great Games and Innovation, Nintendo Says

The new console can certainly overtake the original Wii in terms of sales

Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U can certainly overtake the original Wii in terms of sales, as not only does it have great games released for it or scheduled to appear on the device, but it also offers a new type of experience.

The Wii U was released in North America last month and came out in Europe and other parts of the world at the end of last week.

Alongside it, a variety of retail and downloadable games have been made available, including exclusive experiences as well as third-party ones that already appeared on the Wii U's rivals, like the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Nintendo is quite confident in its device and believes that the new home console offers a unique experience and plenty of great games. These two factors will guarantee that the Wii U is going to overtake the original Wii in terms of sales.

"It all comes down to the experience we offer," said Nintendo UK's James Honeywell when asked by Eurogamer if the Wii U can deliver on its ambitious goals.

"At the moment, anyway, Wii U offers something unique. Wii proved it's not all about power, that it's down to the games people want to play. We've got a good launch line-up and a good Q1 so as long as we keep releasing good software I think we'll be fine."

Being an all-new home console is also an important aspect of the Wii U and the company is adamant that lots of Wii owners will be interested in upgrading to the new one.

"We hope it'll build on the launch base of the Wii," Nintendo's Shelly Pearce added.

"In the UK the Wii is now around 8 million [sold] and we hope to attract all of that 8 million - hopefully more. We're certainly pleased it has launched this peak season before Christmas. The key thing is it's the only new home console on the market. It definitely has an advantage in that respect."

Nintendo already sold around 400,000 Wii U units in North America and you can bet that many more were purchased by consumers last week around the world.

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