Wii U Has a Horribly Slow CPU, Metro: Last Light Dev Says

4A Games isn’t happy with the console and won’t bring the new Metro game on it

While many big PS3 or Xbox 360 titles are coming to the Nintendo Wii U, Metro: Last Light won’t be one of them as the studio behind it, 4A Games, believes that the console is weighed down by its slow and downright “horrible” CPU.

Nintendo has just released the Wii U in North America at the end of last week and, besides lots of first-party titles made by the company itself, quite a few major games that had already appeared on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 have also been launched for it.

Ranging from Assassin’s Creed 3 to Mass Effect 3: Special Edition or Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, many games have appeared for it or are scheduled to be released in the near future.

Unfortunately, it seems that Metro: Last Light won’t make it onto the Wii U, as developer 4A Games has criticized its hardware, specifically its CPU, through the voice of Chief Technical Officer Oles Shishkovtsov.

“[The] Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU,” he told NowGamer.

One of Shishkovtsov colleagues, Huw Beynon, quickly chimed in and revealed the experience that the studio had with the new console.

“We had an early look at it, we thought we could probably do it, but in terms of the impact we would make on the overall quality of the game – potentially to its detriment – we just figured it wasn’t worth pursuing at this time. It’s something we might return to. I really couldn’t make any promises, though.”

According to Beynon, 4A’s resources are already strained because it’s working on Metro: Last Light for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, so a Wii U project doesn’t make any sense at least for now.

“We had an initial look at the Wii U, but given the size of the team and compared to where we were last time, just developing for the PlayStation 3 is a significant addition,” he said.

Metro: Last Light was recently delayed and had its multiplayer mode scrapped so that 4A can focus on the single-player campaign.

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