Wii U Games Can Appear on PS3 Through PS Vita's Cross-Controller Feature

Sony is quite confident in the feature that allows PS Vita owners to control PS3 games

Sony is exploring the special Cross-Controller feature that allows PlayStation 3 owners to use the PlayStation Vita to control games that are playing on the home console, going so far as to say that titles made for such a control mechanic (i.e. for the Nintendo Wii U) can be ported to the PS3.

Nintendo impressed lots of gamers with its unique Wii U home console and through its special GamePad controller, which boasts not just analog sticks and buttons, but also a big touchscreen right in its middle.

Sony, however, says that by using the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 owners can easily obtain a Wii U-like experience without having to buy the new console.

"We're only now starting to understand the potential of both devices working together," Tom O'Connor, a senior producer at Sony's XDev Studio Europe, told CVG about the potential of Cross-Controller support in future games.

According to O'Connor, the existence of Cross-Controller means that third-party developers, like Ubisoft, can bring their Wii U-exclusive titles, like ZombiU, to the PS3.

"Cross-controller gives publishers an extra option. There will be some games that are being developed for other dual-screen platforms, though I can't name any names, and we can allow that to be possible on PS3. That gives publishers more multiplatform opportunities."

O'Connor further stated that not only were Sony's various internal studios exploring the possibility of adding Cross-Controller features into their different games, but that the company had also talked with third-party publishers about the impressive system.

"We definitely need more than one game to flaunt the Cross-Controller functionality," he added. "I know that internal teams are looking into it, and I'm pretty sure there have been some discussions with third-party publishers too."

As of yet, the only game with Cross-Controller is LittleBigPlanet 2, which yesterday received a special DLC with a campaign designed specifically for PS3 and PS Vita owners.

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