Wi-Fi Signal Extender Launched by D-Link

Wireless Range Extender DAP-1320 makes its grand debut

Wireless networks are becoming more and more prevalent, but the problem with walls destroying the signal is still a large one, meaning that items like D-Link's latest creation are usually well-received.

What D-Link launched is a wireless signal extender for Wi-Fi networks called Wireless Range Extender DAP-1320.

Available for $49.99 / 49.99 Euro from online and retail stores, the device can link to existing networks with just a press of the Wi-Fi Protected Set Up button.

Smartphones, tablets and computers are all supported, even if the network uses secure access involving WPA or WPA2 protocols.

The 5 GHz band isn't supported, sadly. That may be included in future models, though likely not on its own, since there are few, if any, Wi-Fi networks that use 5GHz exclusively.

Dual-band routers with support for both 5 GHz and the more common 2.4 GHz band have been well received, so it is likely that range extenders will go with the double-band idea too. But we digress.

D-Link's Wireless Range Extender DAP-1320 is only configured for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signals, but it has several antennas that maximize the transfer rate. The top speed is of 300 Mbps.

That is enough for e-mail, online messenger chats, video streaming, voice calls, etc.

There is only one problem: the range extender looks like it will have to be permanently plugged inside a power outlet. That doesn't seem to have cut the enthusiasm of the D-Link VP though.

"As the number of wireless devices increases in a household, consumers are always looking to expand and strengthen their Wi-Fi coverage into the farthest corners of the home," said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc.

"Not only does our Wireless Range Extender offer whole home coverage for today's connected home, but it works with any router brand with a push of a button and also complements the user experience with other D-Link products – watch seamless streaming content on a MovieNite Plus or keep an eye of things with D-Link's Cloud Cameras without any glitches."


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