Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security – Infographic

Veracode explains the risks behind letting kids use smart devices unsupervised

Veracode has released an infographic to highlight why it’s important for parents to make sure the apps used by their children are secure.

The company has found that seven out of 10 youths use tablets and other smart devices. However, few parents know that the applications used by their kids link to social media accounts (22%), include ads (58%), and collect personal information (59%).

In addition, 84% of apps, including free ones, allow users to spend additional money.

To prevent any incidents, parents are advised to set passwords so that their children cannot make app purchases. They’re also recommended to restrict content, disable data services when children are not supervised, and review all new apps before downloading them.

Check out the Veracode infographic to learn more on the topic.

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