Why Internet Explorer 10 Is Better than Any Other Browser

Microsoft presents the 10 reasons why IE10 is “best for business”

The Redmond-based technology titan Microsoft has already emphasized on several occasions that Internet Explorer 10 is the best browser at this point, but the company is now struggling to prove that its in-house app is also the smartest choice for businesses too.

Microsoft used a Forrester Consulting report to reveal that 96 percent of companies are using a single browser, “as there are increased costs associated with supporting or allowing nonstandard browsers within the enterprise.”

The software giant goes on to say that every firm spends $4,200 (€3,200) per web app annually to support multiple browsers, which means that large corporations could even spend $400,000 (€305,000) just for web apps.

With all these in mind, Microsoft has released ten different reasons to demonstrate that Internet Explorer 10 should be the top browser for businesses too.

First of all, IE10 is fast, Microsoft said while pointing out that several benchmarks have proved that its new browser performed better than all the other rivals on the market.

Second of all, it’s fluid, as all graphics, video and text in IE10 is hardware-accelerated. It’s perfect for touch and can be used on tablets too, but it also adopts an easy, site-centric design. The Windows integration is clearly a major advantage, Microsoft continued, while the fact that it’s safer is clearly one of the aces up its sleeve.

IE10 provides comprehensive management and deployment tools, the company explained in the blog post, but it also boasts compatibility and migration utilities, as well as support for modern standards.

Last but not least, the total cost of ownership is one of the things that should convince businesses to stick to Internet Explorer from the get-go.

Forrester’s Business Case for Standardizing on a Single Modern Browser in the Enterprise report is also available for download here.

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