Why Does Chocolate Change Sexuality, Health and Mood?

Healthy drug and Viagra at the same time

The quality and properties of a chocolate are determined mainly by the quality and properties of the cocoa seeds it's made of.

Chocolate was first made by the ancient civilizations from Central America and when the Europeans arrived to America, it was used for making sauces and beverages, both sweet and bitter, exclusively reserved for noble people.

Mayans and Aztecs appreciated this aliment, and in fact chocolate comes from the Nahuatl (the language spoken by the Aztecs) word "chocolatl".

But what chocolate compounds make it so special?

Indeed, chocolate melts in your mouth as its melting point is at 36.1o C.

But look at its effects on your health, mood and sexuality...

First, anyone knows the "I feel good" sensation triggered by chocolate. Chocolate does not contain precisely serotonin, the "happiness" hormone, as thought, but tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, that the brain is able to turn into serotonin.

High levels of serotonin stimulate the synthesis of endorphins, and the feelings of "what a wonderful life". In fact, antidepressant medicines and drugs act in the brain by increasing serotonin levels...And low levels of serotonin produce depression.

The molecule phenylethylamin, abundant in chocolate, also plays a role of neuronal disinhibitor that increases audacity, attraction, excitement, and giddiness, without the secondary effects of the alcohol.

Phenylethylamine turns on the brain's pleasure nuclei and reaches the highest levels during orgasm.

The chemicals called flavinoids, and their derived molecules improve the blood circulation, with good effects on preventing heart disease, brain aging and ... of course, boosting erection!

Craving for chocolate during pregnancy may be an early warning call pointing mild anemia as chocolate contains iron. Thus, chocolate is good even for the unborn babies. Chocolate is also rich in magnesium, proven to ease pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS). Calcium from milk has the same effect, so milk chocolate could be crucial for ensuring man's peace at certain moments.

Another thing: chocolate and coffee do not have in common only the color, but caffeine, too.

A 1999 research at Harvard University even discovered that chocolate consumers live almost one year more than those who do not eat chocolate.

Could it be the antioxidants?

Or the good life and sex provided by the attraction between men and women which chocolate provokes?

Anyway, what would you choose between drugs, Viagra and ...chocolate!?

Flowers or chocolate to your girl!?

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