"Whorecraft" Pornstar Banned from World of Warcraft

Mia Rose won't be seeing her undead warlock for a while

Yes, fellow gamers, there is such thing as a "Whorecraft" movie, an X-rated production that borrows some of the characters and settings from the famous World of Warcraft MMORPG. The problem is that once you play a part in that movie, it's hard to believe that you'll ever be ditched by the unwanted fans. This happened to the hardcore gamer Mia Rose, who is also a pornstar, featured in some episodes of the above-mentioned adult movie.

According to Kotaku, Rose, an avid WoW player got banned from the Mai' Ganis server after being recognized by some other gamer. Of course, the player got excited after finding out that he was in the same barter chat room with the starlet and started mentioning her site (that includes lots of X-s by the way). It took ten minutes after that for Rose to get banned, as she received a message from one of the GM-s.

However, the show's not over yet, because every time the poor girl tries to log back on, she keeps getting tons of spam messages or even hate messages. Imagine playing entire days with such a famous character in your party and not even know it... Makes you wonder what types of celebrities, criminals or pornstars play WoW side by side with average people.

If you're astonished by the fact that an X-rated movie related to World of Warcraft was made, wait till you hear this: it seems that Dez, the director of "Whorecraft" is getting ready to shoot another adult movie, related to the famous Counter Strike shooter. We're still waiting for a Diablo-themed "triple X" picture or maybe a sexy Final Fantasy adaptation. In the meantime, remember to look around for sexy elves, female ones, as Mia Rose is not the only starlet who loves to play WoW.

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