Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Son Caught in Gun Battle, Arrested

Whitney Houston’s 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina (Krissi) and the 22-year-old adopted son Nicholas Gordon will soon have to appear in court after being involved in a violent brawl at the beginning of last month.

Krissi was extremely drunk at the time of the altercation, while Nicholas took out a gun and waved it around at the people Krissi was with, the National Enquirer informs, citing the police report (story via here).

According to police documents filed after the incident, Nicholas and Krissi’s ex-boyfriend, Max Lomas, who were in the same car, spotted Krissi driving away in a vehicle with three other passengers.

While waiting at a light, Lomas reportedly got out of the car and punched the driver of the other vehicle. The altercation continued at a nearby gas station and culminated with Nicholas pulling a gun on the other 3 men.

“Soon both cars pulled into a local Chevron station – and all hell broke loose. Walls [the other driver] charges that Lomas rushed him and hit him in the face several times,” the Enquirer writes.

“According to the police report, Walls ‘was bleeding from the mouth and appeared to have a chipped tooth.’ A pal tried to help him ‘and was struck several times by Lomas’,” the tab further reports.

Nicholas, then, took out the gun in the hope that he may prevent the others from fighting.

“Gordon told officers he waved a gun in the air, attempting to stop the fight, and also pointed it at another boy’s legs. Police located a Glock 19 handgun in the glove compartment of his vehicle and also found ammunition,” says the Enquirer.

The night manager at the gas station heard the commotion and called 911. The incident took place on April 1 – and all the people involved were cuffed and taken downtown.

Krissi appeared severely intoxicated and was made to take a breathalyzer: she was two and a half times over the driving legal limit (.215) but, because she was not driving, she was only cited as a minor in possession of alcohol.

The Enquirer says Krissi could get 6 months in jail, while her brother Nicholas is looking at a maximum of one year on gun charges. They’re both due in court on May 24.

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