Whitney Houston Was Killed by Drug Dealer, Says Private Investigator

There was nothing accidental about her death, it was homicide, Paul Huebl says

Almost a year after the tragic and sudden death of Whitney Houston, one private investigator has come forward to say there is actual evidence that there was nothing accidental about her demise: it was “homicide, with a big red capital H.”

Paul Huebl says he’s been hired to look into Whitney’s death by a third party, but he refuses to reveal the client’s name, Contact Music reports.

He also says that, while investigators were quick to say her death was accidental, he is convinced there was something more to it: namely, that she was killed by her drug dealer, presumably for an outstanding debt.

Oddly enough, the National Enquirer is running a similar story in its latest print issue.

“Whitney's body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life,” Huebl is quoted as saying.

The official cause of death is listed as accidental drowning, but drugs were found in her system. It is believed she took the drugs and then decided to take a bath, and she drowned.

Huebl begs to differ.

“Although he admitted that the defense wounds could have been caused in other ways, he also added that there was evidence that her hotel room had been ‘ransacked’ which points towards a ‘violent struggle’,” Contact Music writes.

“Apparently, he's handed all his ‘evidence’ over to the FBI in Chicago, in the hopes that justice may come to pass. The evidence includes surveillance footage of two unknown men that eventually ingratiated themselves as part of her entourage, he believes them to be the men that may have killed her,” adds the same media outlet.

The FBI is yet to comment on Huebl’s claims but one thing is certain: his story is opening up old wounds that had just started to heal.

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