White Nexus 4 Allegedly Emerges in Leaked Photo

No specific info on when it might arrive on shelves has been provided

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there, has seen a lot of issues related to its availability around the world, constantly running out of stock in many markets, but it seems that these issues might soon be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, it appears that Google and LG might also have a treat for users, and that they are getting ready for the launch of a white flavor of the device.

Although no official info on the matter has been made available so far, a leaked photo allegedly showing the white version of Nexus 4 has been spotted online recently, supposedly confirming the existence of the handset.

Rumors of a white Nexus 4 flavor emerged for the first time back in November, Phone Arena notes in a recent article, yet nothing has been announced on the matter until now.

The aforementioned photo was taken with an LG Optimus G, the attached EXIF data unveils, and is dated last week, which might suggest that it was taken by someone inside the company.

Provided that the image is indeed legit, it does show the Nexus 4, as the reflective pattern on the bottom right shows.

Phone Arena also notes that the photo does not appear to have been modified, which could mean that it is the real thing, although no formal confirmation on this has emerged so far.

What remains to be seen is when Google and LG will plan to make the white version of Nexus 4 available for purchase, and in which markets.

The black flavor of the smartphone started to appear as in stock in Google Play in several markets worldwide today, including the US, the UK, France, Spain, and Australia, which could suggest that the South Korean mobile phone maker might have finally resolved the stock issues.

LG did say several weeks ago that it was ramping up production of the device, and Google too reaffirmed that last week, when it announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of the last year.

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