White Moose Considered Sacred Killed by Hunters in Nova Scotia

The hunters later posted pictures of themselves and their kill on social media sites

Last week, a white moose that had been living in the Belle Cote forest in Nova Scotia for quite a few years was shot dead by three men who were on a hunting trip in the area.

The three hunters then snapped pictures of themselves and their kill, and shared them with friends and family on social media sites.

Needless to say, killing a rare animal and bragging about it isn't exactly the right thing to do. Granted, it is not illegal, but these hunters should've known better.

Ecorazzi tells us that this albino moose was under the protection of the Mi’kmaq indigenous community in Nova Scotia, whose members believed it to be a sacred animal.

“We are not to harm [white animals] in any way, shape, or form because they could be one of our ancestors coming to remind us of something significant that’s going to happen within our communities,” Mi’kmaq hunter Danny Paul reportedly told the press.

“It was so disrespectful having seen it put on social media, and it’s been an outcry and our people are outraged,” he added.

Apparently, the hunters have agreed to let the Mi'kmaq community take the moose's body and have it preserved. They have also apologized for their actions, and said that, had they known that killing the moose went against Mi'kmaq beliefs, they would not have done it.

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