White Lumia 920 Sold Out at Expansys, New Stock Expected in 4 Days

The unlocked version is top selling smartphone for this week

It is no surprise that Nokia Lumia 920 is selling out everywhere these days. So, the fact that Expansys announced its white Lumia 920 stock had just exhausted should not be a surprise either.

The first UK-based retailer to deplete its white-themed Nokia Lumia 920 stock was Clove and it looks like Windows Phone 8 enthusiasts prefer this color option in particular.

Nokiapoweruser reports Expansys only had 75 units in stock, which were sold extremely fast. You might be wondering why Clove managed to sell all white Lumia 920 units before Expansys.

The answer is pretty simple and lies in the fact that Expansys has put a higher price tag on the device, which will soon be available again for around £555/$880/€690 outright. Check it out here.

Keep in mind that this is the unlocked version of Nokia Lumia 920, which explains the overpricing. Sadly, those who don’t think this amount is too high for them will still have to wait several more days until the white Lumia 920 is available for purchase once again.

According to Expansys, another white Lumia 920 stock is expected to arrive in about 4 days, which means customers will be able to order it beginning November 19.

Even though Expansys only had 75 units of white Nokia Lumia 920 which were quickly sold, the smartphone is now listed as top selling smartphone for this week.

This indicates that no other handset was sold in such a large quantity at Expansys during this week. I’m not sure if 75 is such a high number in order for Nokia to be happy, but it’s obvious there’s a high demand for the Lumia 920.

Unfortunately, the Finnish company has been unable to meet the overwhelming demand for its high-end Windows Phone 8 device for the moment. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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