White “Crazy” Cat Fights Its Own Mirror Reflection

A white, vicious, yet cute cat's struggle with her own image made it an Internet star

White crazy cat is one popular feline this week, with 360,000 users checking in to watch it battle its reflection in the mirror, over the last five days.

Kitty became famous just for appearing in a minute and 15 seconds clip uploaded by Russian YouTuber Alexander Litvinchuk. The video documents, once again, the strange effects that mirrors have on felines.

The footage is shot on a mobile phone, in the cat owner's bathroom, and you can even see her in the shot.

For the entire duration of the clip, the angry kitty seems to have an imaginary conversation with a white, fluffy foe, a discussion which escalates into a full-fledged quarrel.

However cute and entertaining the cat, one can only imagine what would happen if someone were to actually anger this particularly temperamental pet.

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