White Buffalo Living at Gas Station Will Be Donated to Native Americans

The animal's owner agreed to no longer use it to attract customers

Native Americans and animal rights activists were overjoyed when hearing the news that a white buffalo living at a gas station in Dallas would soon be sent to an animal sanctuary.

Apparently, the owner of this gas station mainly viewed this animal as a means to attract more customers, meaning that his purchasing this animal was the result of John Benda's trying to promote his business.

However, sources report that, after hearing the pleas of several Native Americans and animal rights activists, John Benda agreed to renounce his ownership of the animal.

“I wanted the people of Dallas to see what a White Buffalo looked like. We reached this happy agreement that she will go to a sanctuary,” John Benda told members of the press.

By the looks of it, the buffalo, named Lone Star, is now pregnant, which is why its going to an animal sanctuary comes as good news indeed.

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