Whiskey Reverses Sight in Man Blinded by Vodka

When there is no hope for the better, creativity finds a way

New Zealand 65-year-old Chef Tutor Denis Duthies had gone blind after hours of vodka and whiskey drinking. Lucky doctors were creative enough as to imagine that what had turned the man blind could do the reverse action as well.

Denis Duthies lost his sight after his parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration, followed by other hours of drinking at home by his own. He arrived at the hospital after realizing a night of sleep was of no help for his alcohol-caused blindness.

Suspected to have been poisoned as a consequence of methanol – a substance commonly contained in alcohol - turning into formaldehyde, doctors didn't leave him too much hope.

“I don’t remember much after I arrived in hospital. I know the doctor told my wife to say goodbye because they didn’t think I’d be coming out again,” Duthies said, as cited by Time.

When in crisis, we all become a little more creative. After figuring that the hospital didn't have enough ethanol to serve as an antidote for the poisoning, doctors have sent for a Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey bottle, which was subsequently given to Duthies through a nose tube.

It worked. Five days later, Duthies awoke with his sight reversed and an overall good feeling. However, he doesn't advise anyone to try this themselves.

“Curtail your drinking. Don’t do what I did or else you’ll be dead,” he said.

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