Wheelharp Uses Real Strings to Sound like an Orchestra

It sounds like a chamber string orchestra and has a circular keyboard

I've seen lots of projects, some odd some not, but this one probably takes the cake in terms of bizarre quotients.

Demoed at NAMM this year (2013), the Wheelharp, developed by Los Angeles-based Antiquity Music, is a device that reacts to users' press of the keys by moving a corresponding key to a rotating wheel.

An edge that bows the string is used to achieve that.

The result of the keyboard's manipulation is the sound of a chamber string orchestra.

The full chromatic set of real strings really comes in handy there.

Obviously, people will have to practice in order to use the Wheelharp properly. First, it will have to become reality though, and that won't happen without $50,000 / €38,500. Fortunately, people are already chipping in.

Source: The Wheelharp (Kickstarter)

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