What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 4

New beta mostly includes user interface tweaks, new Siri suggestions

iOS 7 Beta 4 has been out for a few hours now and developers have already noticed quite a few changes in the software. They’re mostly UI tweaks, but they’re notable.

The lock-screen is reportedly less confusing now, as it eliminates the up arrow (used to summon Control Center) with a short line, or bar.

Some of the buttons in the Phone application have undergone some changes, and the HDR button in Camera.app has been relocated to the top.

Apple has also introduced a screenshot detection API (allows Snapchat to detect screenshots), a Cancel button in Spotlight, a search bar in Reminders, notifications for completed uploads, and the ability to swipe between Notification Center Panels.

Siri has new suggestions for users looking to make the most of the assistant.

Mail now uses a smoother delete animation, which means swiping to delete inbox messages is quicker now.

New AirPlay icons are included, and several application icons (Mail, Safari) have slightly modified gradients.

The Folder fade animation has been tweaked a bit, and Messages now displays the first name and the last initial of the contact you’re talking to.

In Safari, the buttons for Bookmarks, Shared Links, and Reading List are replacing their labels with icons.

For Apple TV users, iOS 7 enables an iPhone or iPad to set up the black box via Bluetooth.

As revealed earlier today, Apple also included the necessary code to enable iOS 7 to use a fingerprint sensor in the upcoming iPhone 5S for security functions.

These are just some of the latest discoveries in iOS 7 Beta 4, but you can be sure many more will be reported before Apple makes the leap to iOS 7 Beta 5.

According to reports, the Cupertino giant has plans for another two betas before finally seeding the Golden Master (GM) build in September.

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