What We Missed at the PlayStation 4 Reveal Event

Sony failed to talk about price, Uncharted, mention Electronic Arts

Sony finally revealed the much rumored PlayStation 4 in an event in New York and the company delivered quite a bit of information about the device: hardware specifications, a lineup of Sony titles linked to it and video games from companies like Activision, Ubisoft and Square Enix.

But the ceremonies were also marked by some notable absences, some of which raise a number of interesting questions about the PlayStation 4.

- Sony did not show off an actual PlayStation 4 console, which might mean that the design is unfinished or that the company wants to keep some mystery for the coming months;

- no price point or interval was offered; this is a problem because many players, given the current recession, will base their decision to purchase or ignore the PlayStation 4 on how much the device will cost them at launch;

- no Uncharted, no God of War, no Little Big Planet, no Gran Turismo, no Last Guardian; these are all high-profile Sony-owned properties that were widely expected to be launch titles for the PlayStation 4, but were not mentioned in any way;

- no Electronic Arts; despite the fact that both Activision and Ubisoft showed off titles for the new console, one of the biggest publishers in the industry failed to even send a representative to the New York stage where the PS4 was revealed;

- no plans for the future of the PlayStation Network; adding Gaikai tech is a great idea, but Sony did not mention whether the service will remain free.

Sony wants to launch the PlayStation 4 before Christmas this year and that means there’s plenty of time to reveal more information about the device and fill in all the blanks for the fans.

Expect to see more information trickle down via leaks and a big package to be delivered during E3 2013.

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