What Does Bane Look Like Under the Mask?

On set photos show Tom Hardy on TDKR without the mask

Chris Nolan's “The Dark Knight Rises” literally marks the end of an era, so chances are we'll still be talking about it for several weeks to come. This said, did you ever wonder how Bane must look like underneath that terrifying mask of his?

Fans know that Bane's face is all mangled and that he's in constant pain, hence the need for the mask, which helps him breathe in painkilling gas.

Nolan doesn't offer the slightest clue about how badly his face might be messed up (except for the scars on his bald head and back of his neck), which means fans can imagine whatever they want about the villain.

ScreenCrush uncovered a bunch of photos from the set of TDKR, snapped some time ago, showing Bane without his mask on. Check them out in the gallery below.

No surprise there, he looks just like Tom Hardy, minus the hair and that adorable smile of his.

All jokes aside now, if anything, these photos show just how massive Hardy got for the role, which somehow becomes more apparent when he's not wearing his mask.

As for Bane's face underneath that monstrosity, we can't but imagine how it must look.


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