What Do You Love and Hate about Ubuntu?

Let's make Ubuntu perfect, shall we? Say your opinion here!

As Ubuntu is the best thing that happened to me in the last year or so (I was a Fedora user before), I will take a moment and write this article about it. This is supposed to be a shout out to all the current and upcoming Ubuntu users out there, because I think it's not too late (it's never too late) to let the Ubuntu developers know what we think about this wonderful distribution and what we want it to be in the feature, am I right? The Ubuntu developers from all over the world will unite in Seville, Spain between 6 and 11 May 2007 to help shape and scope the next release of Ubuntu (version 7.10) and I think this is the moment for us to let them know what we really want from the next release.

So, if you ever felt sometimes like you want to say (or just scream) "I LOVE UBUNTU" (I bet you have some Ubuntu stickers in your house) and you did not have the chance or no one heard you, then here is your chance to say what you feel about Ubuntu (and it's derivatives) in general. All the existing, new and wannabe Ubuntu users should unite and make this distribution, THE BEST ever Linux operating system out there; and this way, we can compete with big operating system like Windows and Mac. It's time for Linux users to have a strong, easy to use and powerful desktop operating system, and Ubuntu can help us. Come on people, we can change the future!

I will make the first step and let the Ubuntu developers know my reasons why I love (hate) Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu:

- I love Ubuntu because it's faster than most of the known RPM-based distributions out there;

- I love Ubuntu because it's evolving very fast;

- I love Ubuntu because it's based on Debian and it uses the fastest package manager out there, APT;

- I love Ubuntu because when I want to install a software, it takes about 1 minute;

- I love Ubuntu because when I want to uninstall or completely remove a software, it takes 3 to 5 seconds and in text mode you only have to type the package name;

- I love Ubuntu and Kubuntu (don't know if this is also in Xubuntu) because the developers made that Hardware Database Collection tool to fine tune autodetection and improve (K)Ubuntu hardware support;

- I love Xubuntu because it's just perfect for low-end machines;

- Last but not least, I love Kubuntu because it's KDE-based;

- I hate the current GNOME Menu, I think I liked the one from openSUSE 10.2 better;

- I hate Kubuntu because I must still tweak the fonts to make them look better.

My number one suggestion for the Ubuntu developers would be to create an Ubuntu+Kubuntu installable Live DVD. This way, we will have more power in our hands and we'll be able to switch between Ubuntu and Kubuntu any time we wish so.

My second suggestion will be for the Ubuntu developers to create a new and powerful GNOME menu like the one from OpenSUSE and (maybe) redesign the whole GNOME desktop to be more user (to be read MS Windows user) -friendly.

With all these in mind, what do YOU love and hate about Ubuntu? Please write your comments at the end of the article or send us an e-mail at the address below and I will personally collect all the comments/suggestions and create a document to be sent to the Ubuntu developers.

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