What Can Happen When Automated Homes of the Future Get Hacked – Infographic

Trend Micro on Internet-enabled devices and the associated security risks

The latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from Vegas clearly shows that more and more devices are being connected to the Internet. However, Internet-enabled devices can always attract the attention of cybercriminals.

In a recently-published infographic, Trend Micro explains how vulnerable the automated home of tomorrow is.

For instance, if compromised by hackers, the CCTV cameras that protect our homes could be disabled. They can also be used to alert cybercriminals when you’re not home.

If your smart TV is taken over by hackers, you can wake up one day to see that video recordings of yourself and your family are posted on inappropriate websites.

Also, the footages and images captured by the TV can be used to steal your identity and possibly even for blackmail.

Over the past period, many experts have demonstrated that the Internet-enabled systems integrated into cars are also at risk of being compromised by cybercriminals. Considering that most of the parts of a car are controlled by electronic systems, a hack attack could be life threatening.

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