Whale Carcass Decomposing Close to Beach Homes of Hollywood Celebrities

Malibu authorities cannot figure out who is supposed to remove the rotting body

After being hit by a ship, a young whale died and washed ashore on a beach in Malibu.

Despite the fact that its rotting carcass is now giving out a foul smell, thus upsetting the Hollywood celebrities whose homes are found near this beach, local authorities seem unable to figure out who is supposed to take charge of the cleaning activities.

Some might say that they are merely trying to escape the responsibility, given the fact that the whale's body is presently stuck in the sand and any attempt to remove it might translate into its breaking down into bits and pieces.

“It's not physically capable of being moved because of its condition. It's so embedded in sand that they won't be able to get it out. The body will be pulled apart,” a member of the L.A. Country Lifeguards told members of the press.

Hopefully, a solution to this problem will soon be found.

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