Whale Calf Gets Tangled in a Rope, Rescuers Fail to Free It

Specialists and volunteers try to help it, but are forced to give up

It was only yesterday when the people living close to the Sidney Harbor in New South Wales, Australia heard the news about a whale calf which somehow got tangled in a rope measuring about 20-30 (65.6 - 98.4 feet) meters in length.

Despite its struggles, the whale calf failed to free itself and was thus forced to swim around with the rope caught around its tail.

A team of specialists from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, together with several volunteers, tried to lend the baby whale a helping hand.

However, both the baby's mother and another whale accompanying them were highly protective of the calf, so they were forced to give up before either of them decided to attack their boats.

For the time being, those involved in this rescue mission are waiting for another opportunity to present itself. Needless to say, no efforts will be sparred in trying to free this unlucky whale calf.

More information is made available to you in the video below.

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