Westvleteren XII: World's Best Beer Hits Stores

This beer is made by Trappist monks in Belgium, only costs $84.99 a sixer

In an attempt to raise the funds they need in order to fix their monastery's nooks and crannies, the Trappist monks living in Belgium have decided to start selling the beer they have been brewing in this remote corner of the world for quite some time now: the Westvleteren XII.

Apparently, either because of some divine intervention, or because the monks really know what they are doing, this beer is simply the world's finest.

Thus, true beer enthusiasts used to make reservations at the Saint Sixtus abbey just so that they may grab hold of a pint, and more often than not they had to wait for a long time before they could actually enjoy the beverage.

Sources say that this will be the first and the last time the Westvleteren XII is made available in stores, and those who wish to taste it need better hurry because, once the monks raise sufficient money to rebuild their monastery, the beer will be taken off the market.

In the US, the Westvleteren XII sells for $84.99 (€65.244) a sixer, and customers also get two glasses as a gift from the monastery.

From where I stand, this goes to show that if anyone knows anything about self-sufficiency and sustainability, then that “anyone” must be the Trappist monks.

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