Westinghouse Plans to Bring New LED HDTVs to CES 2012

Including one 70-inch LED HDTV with 120MHz panel and 8ms response time

With CES 2012 knocking on our door, Westinghouse let us have a look at what it has in store for us and I’m pleased to see that things definitely look to shape out good for Westy.

Their most advanced product to arrive at the fair is a super-sized 70-inch LED HDTV that comes not only with support for Full HD resolutions but also allows for 120Hz playback with an 8ms response time.

Those of you who prefer a much smaller HDTV also have the option of going for a new 46-inch ultra-slim LED TV, which really manages to give those Sony KDL-series models a run for their money.

Furthermore, according to engadget, CES 2012 will also host the introduction of Westinghouse’s first ever Bluetooth Soundbar that will pack two 12 watt speakers, a class D amplifier as well as an enhanced bass mode.

So get your wallet ready cause CES 2012 is coming!

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