Western Digital Launches My Book AV-TV External HDD for Smart TVs

The storage device has a capacity of 1 TB and built-in GreenPower technology

Smart TVs are becoming quite prominent, but most of them have one drawback, namely lack of built-in storage space. Western Digital is helping make up for that by releasing the My Book AV-TV external hard drive.

The WD My Book AV-TV HDD announcement is a sort of follow-up to the release of the latest TV Play set-top box, although it isn't exclusively meant as a companion item to it.

While the storage device will complement the video broadcast device easily, it can play the same role for any other STB, and any smart TV for that matter.

Western Digital found that, while most Smart TVs have a built-in recording function, they don't actually have a place to store the programs, unless they are connected to a network or USB storage drive.

The My Book AV-TV is a USB 3.0-connected hard disk drive of 1 TB or 2 TB.

"With the recent influx of TVs produced with direct recording functionality built-in, millions of global consumers will now be able to reap the benefits of recording and playing back their favorite entertainment at their convenience," said Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager of WD's branded and CE products.

"My Book AV-TV is a hassle-free solution for these consumers to enjoy hundreds of hours of their favorite TV programming through a simple USB connection to the TV."

The USB 3.0 is fast enough to allow simultaneous recording and streaming, as it can handle more than one HD stream at a time.

True, this ability will require a TV with dual-tuner television, but some will argue that people willing to pay for a storage drive like this will have had enough money to buy such a TV in the first place.

That said, Western Digital has also implemented the GreenPower technology, which reduces power draw while also cutting the heat level.

Finally, for ease of placement and aesthetic value, WD made sure that the My Book AV-TV could both sit flat and stand upright. No price mentioned yet, sadly.


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