Western Digital Black 2.5-Inch Hybrid HDDs Revealed

They are 5mm thick and have integrated NAND Flash storage in addition to the base capacity

Since hybrid drives are bound to become the favored storage solution for ultrabooks, Western Digital is preparing its camp.

True, the company has been designing and selling hybrid HDDs for months, but CES 2013 saw the appearance of the WD Black series.

Made of two drives, for now, it combined magnetic platter storage with NAND Flash chips, the likes used in SSDs and flash drives.

Sure enough, one WD Black drive has 500 GB HDD storage and 24 GB Flash storage in a 2.5-inch, 5mm package.

The other is a 7mm HDD with the same NAND capacity but 1 TB HDD storage space.

No performance or pricing details exist yet, sadly. Then again, only OEMs will get them, and they have at least received samples, to include in their ultrabook designs.

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