Western Digital Appoints New Executive for Strategy and Corporate Development

The world-class storage product maker wants to do better from a macroeconomic standpoint

Much like Advanced Micro Devices chose a new member of its board of directors, Western Digital has elected a new executive vice president.

The position being occupied is that of executive vice president of strategy and corporate development.

The person assuming the role is one Mark Long, who was a senior vice president, strategy and corporate development, at Hitachi GST until not long ago.

Since WD's acquiring of Hitachi back in March 2012, he has apparently distinguished himself enough to get the post.

Before that, he was a managing director of VisionPoint Capital, in charge of merger and acquisition and corporate finance services.

WD will have him oversee strategic planning and the company's corporate development activities. He will also lead Western Digital Capital, a strategic investment fund targeting innovative companies within the broader storage industry and related markets.

Long's background as a lawyer, with Gunderson Dettmer, and his J.D. and MBA from the University of Michigan should help there.

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