Westboro Baptist Church Continues ‘God Hates Lady Gaga’ Campaign

Megan Phelps records own version of “Poker Face”

Not long ago, we were telling you of a campaign coming from the Westboro Baptist Church that aimed to show that Lady Gaga was the closest thing to Devil on Earth, leading her followers (fans?) to perdition. This, of course, according to Rev. Fred Phelps. His granddaughter, Megan Phelps-Roper, even goes as far as to use Gaga’s own song to illustrate her father’s case.

Megan Phelps uses Gaga’s “Poker Face” to show that the message behind her music and her so-called showmanship is as shallow as her lyrics. This time, there is no statement accompanying the leak on the Internet of the re-made version of the hit track, but the lyrics speak for themselves if one only bothers to listen to them carefully. The idea is simple: with everything that she did / does, Gaga upset God. As such, she must pay the price.

The same message was also contained in a press statement issued by the Reverend a while back, calling for boycott of Gaga’s January 7 gig at the Fox Theater. Back then, the Reverend used holy quotes to illustrate that Gaga was nothing short of a cheap woman of the night that was using her music and her image, which somehow continues to garner a lot of attention, to corrupt as many impressionable youngsters as possible.

“‘Art’ and ‘fashion’ are the euphemisms, the guise under which proud [expletive] Lady Gaga teaches rebellion against God (incidentally, her claim to the title of ‘lady’ is sound only if she tacks on ‘of the night,’ thereby alluding to another euphemism of what she is.) As much as she’d like to pretend otherwise, there’s nothing new or different about this particular [expletive]’s pretentious prancing. Does the simple [expletive] truly think that she can change God’s standards by seducing a generation of rebels into joining her in fist-raised, stiff-necked, hard-hearted rebellion against Him? Get real!” the Reverend wrote.

“Even as she gives lip-service to ‘liberating’ her young fans, Lady Gaga brings them into slavery to their own corruption, teaching them to glory in their shame. She hates you! ‘For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness… While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption!’ 2 Pet. 2:18-19 YOU’RE GOING TO HELL,” the statement also said.

While fans continue to be perplexed about the anti-Gaga campaign, in the sense that they’re still to decide whether they should laugh out loud or disregard it as utterly ridiculous, below is Megan Phelps’ version of “Poker Face.” *Some discretion is advised as the song contains some language that might be deemed offensive.  

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