Wesley Snipes Released from Prison

Actor served 3 years for failure to pay taxes, is still on house arrest

Back in December 2010, Wesley Snipes was sentenced to a maximum 3 years for failing to file federal income tax returns but was acquitted of the tax evasion charge. He’s now a free man, TMZ reports.

Well, almost.

“The Federal Bureau of Prisons tells TMZ, Snipes was released on April 2 and transferred to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his home confinement,” the celebrity publication writes.

“Home confinement (aka house arrest) will end July 19,” adds TMZ.

Either way, it must surely beat the McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania where he served his sentence.

To make this even better, Snipes could relaunch his career in a big way now that he’s out: besides being in talks for a role in “Expendables 3,” which is almost a certainty right now, he’s probably also wanted on the interview circuit to talk about his experience.

You know what they say, when life serves you lemons, you might as well enjoy a good glass of homemade lemonade.

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