Wendy’s Introduces the 9-Patty T-Rex Burger – Video

Supersized burger first appeared in a mock ad in Sports Illustrated, is now real

File this under things that exist in Canada or things that happen if you want them badly. After being featured in a mock ad that ran in the print issue of Sports Illustrated, the 9-patty burger is now real.

The bad news is that it’s only available in Canada at Wendy’s and costs $21.99 (€16.5), which means you must be really hungry.

As the video below will confirm, Wendy’s T-Rex Burger was first featured in an ad in SI almost 9 years ago. As it happened, it didn’t even exist back then – and didn’t until recently either, when Wendy’s decided to please customers who kept asking for it constantly.

And this, my dears, is proof that, if you really want something badly and you keep asking for it, it can become true. Even if it’s the most unhealthy thing ever, like this monster burger.

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