“Welcome to the Punch” Trailer: Know Your Enemy

New British gangster movie shows allegiances can be extremely fickle

One could argue that gangster movies made in the UK have a particular flavor that is as unmistakable as it’s totally awesome. “Welcome to the Punch” promises to be one of those movies.

A brand new trailer for it has just been released and, as usual, you can see it embedded above.

From writer / director Eran Creevy, “Welcome to the Punch” stars James McAvoy and Mark Strong as a cop and a criminal determined to outwit each other.

Obviously, Strong plays the bad guy – or does he?

As the trailer shows, the fine line between good and bad can sometimes be finer than ever in certain situations. Allegiances can be fickle and choices can vary depending on circumstances: enemies can become allies if faced with a more dangerous opponent.

“Welcome to the Punch” also stars Andrea Riseborough, David Morrissey, Elyes Gabel and Johnny Harris, and will be out in the UK on March 15. It’s yet to get a US release date.

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