Weight Fluctuations Throughout the Day Are Normal

Nutritionist says it’s best if we weighed ourselves always at the same hour

Undoubtedly, we’ve all noticed that our weight varies throughout the day – and not just by a little, but occasionally with as much as five pounds. However, this variation, be it small or big, does not mean we’re gaining or losing weight. It is, instead, just a natural thing that is dependent on several factors, which is why nutritionists recommend we weighed ourselves at the same hour every day.

Weighing more (or less, depending on the case) at the end of the day is, by no account, an indicator that we’re fatter than we were when we woke up, nutritionist Monica Reinagel says for Nutrition Data. It is, though, a sign that our body is retaining fluids, or that we might have had a too heavy lunch or skipped workout. It can also mean our digestion works slower, but under no circumstance should we start worrying about our expanding belly.

“A weight fluctuation of three to five pounds over the course of a day is completely normal and doesn’t suggest that you’ve gained weight. Weight can be temporarily affected by things like the amount of fluids you’ve consumed, the timing of your last work-out, or (how to put this?) the status of your digestive processes. It’s best to weigh yourself at the same time of day.” the nutritionist explains.

This tip comes extremely in handy for those who are in the habit of charting their weight, Reinagel further points out, because it eliminates what is considered a normal margin to show them whether they’re making any progress or not. Of course, there are other options as well not including weighing oneself at the same time of day, with one of them being online and extremely easy to use.

The Google 15: Type in your weight every day and it is displayed on a graph. After 7 days, the graph will also display your moving average. The gadget even gives you encouraging pats or stern little warnings if you drift too far from your goal.” the nutritionist shares about the gadget that can help all slimmers keep track of their progress.

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