Weekend Reading: Windows 8 and How It Can Change PC Gaming, For Better or Worse

The operating system and its built-in App Store are quite important

In between lots of great games coming for the PC, the platform has witnessed this week probably one of biggest events in the last few years, as Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8, its new operating system.

While beneath its Metro user interface and its optimized visuals it’s still a similar basic experience as Windows 7, the new OS can change PC gaming as we know it, for better or worse.

Without a doubt, one of the major new features of the operating system and the determining factor in how it’s going to change PC gaming is the App Store.

While the idea sounds pretty good and has resulted in some great experiences across mobile platforms like the iOS or Android, it might be too big of a shift for the PC, which was used to complete freedom until now.

For those who aren’t familiar with the subject, Windows 8 has a built-in App Store which is curated by Microsoft itself and will be the default source of applications and games for PCs powered by the new OS.

This may not sound so bad for big developers and publishers who can afford to jump through Microsoft’s hoops in order to attain certification, just like they already do on the Xbox 360 home console. However, it could prove to be an extremely bad move for independent developers who choose the PC platform for its low cost of entry.

Mojang, one of the most influential indie developers out there and the studio responsible for Minecraft, has already deemed Windows 8 as a bad idea.

Valve, the studio behind the Steam digital distribution service that’s flourished due to the PC’s open nature, has also called the new OS a catastrophe as it’s trying to muscle out its own service, and others, from the market.

Only time will tell just how the new App Store affects gaming on Windows 8 but, at least for now, it’s probably better to stick with Windows 7 for a little while longer.

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