Weekend Reading: Why Hillary Clinton Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Video games have a tendency to mix real world elements for authenticity

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a first-person shooter from developer Treyarch and publisher Activision, widely expected to be the best seller of the year, a game that tries to deliver a serious narrative arc but fails to impress despite shocking moments and more twists than a Hollywood thriller.

Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State, one of the most powerful politicians in the United States of America, in charge of the foreign policy of the country, working closely with the President, its ambassadors and the legislative.

The two collided earlier in the month when the video game was finally launched and those playing it found that the single-player campaign features the first female President of the United States, which the game insists on calling Bosworth even though the character model used and the choice of voice actor clearly points to Hillary Clinton being her real name.

The developer have not said exactly why they chose to include the politician in the game or why they chose to give her a changed name, considering that David Petraeus appears under his real-life identity as the Secretary of Defense.

The bigger question is whether video games like Black Ops 2 need to use real-world figures in any way in their fictional stories and if they manage to bring something new to them.

No one can mistake the story told in the new Call of Duty with a real-world possibility so it makes little sense to use Petraeus and Clinton in order to boost credibility or try and get some narrative cred.

Treyarch probably included the pair just because it could and because their presence would generate a little more publicity for the game, which it has clearly done.

The problem with the approach is that it cheapens the story they have created.

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