Weekend Reading: The PlayStation 4 Is an Ambitious, Generous Concept

Gamers could discover a new way of enjoying their favorite experiences

The PlayStation 4 next-gen console from Sony was revealed during a Wednesday event in New York, with Sony offering a lot of information on the device, ranging from the actual system specifications for the platform to the titles, like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Destiny, which gamers will be able to play on launch.

There are a lot of questions that are left, most of them linked to the price that the PlayStation 4 will carry and the absence of much-awaited game announcements, from a new Uncharted to another Gran Turismo.

The enthusiasm that the first look at the PlayStation 4 has generated among the gaming fans is almost palpable and the device is well position at the moment to be a great success, as long as Sony manages to deliver on all its promises.

The most interesting aspects of the initial presentation were the features linked to the new streaming technology acquired alongside Gaikai.

Sony says that gamers will be able to simply click on a game on the PlayStation Network in order to start playing it right away and to invite their friends in order to get past difficult sections of their favorite experience.

This, paired with the new social network for players that will include real-world names and relationships, might lead to a paradigm shift in how we approach our game hobby.

It’s hard to know whether Sony has the infrastructure and the will to fully implement all these generous ideas and make gaming an easier and more inclusive experience.

But if the company delivers and Microsoft cannot match its ambition, we might have a next-gen console battle that’s settled, in many ways, before the actual hardware is launched.

Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to offer more information during E3 2013.

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