Weekend Reading: Let's See the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720

Sony and Microsoft should just reveal their consoles and stop the rumors

Replacements for the current PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles are all but confirmed at this point in time as practically anybody with a remote interest in the gaming industry knows that Sony and Microsoft will reveal their so-called PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, respectively.

Sadly, seeing as how both companies are limiting themselves to just teaser campaigns, enigmatic countdowns, and mistaken statements, we still don't know anything concrete about the two future home consoles.

As a result, we're currently inundated with rumors, reports, and speculation about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 (aka the Orbis and Durango).

Only this week, we've seen a wide array of reports and speculations on all sorts of subjects.

First up, there's the price of the two devices. While some analysts believe both Sony and Microsoft want to maximize their profits, others believe the two companies are looking to cut costs and just offer affordable machines.

After the price, another major aspect of the new consoles will be their power, and already some sources have nailed down the performance of both the PS4 and the Xbox 720. Not only did they obtain prototypes of the devices but they also benchmarked them and deemed the PS4 superior.

Besides the price and power, accessories for the two consoles have also received their fair share of rumors.

First up was the Kinect 2, as apparently the sensor will be able to detect way more things and allow for a greater fidelity for games that are set to use it.

After that, we heard that the controller for the PlayStation 4 wouldn't retain the famous DualShock design, as Sony is apparently looking to copy the PS Vita and implement both a touchscreen, besides regular controls, and even biometric sensors.

Bear in mind that all these statements are rumors, so take them with a huge grain of salt and adjust your expectations of next-gen consoles accordingly.

In order to avoid any other outrageous speculation, it's probably better for Sony and Microsoft to present their consoles as soon as possible.

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