Weekend Reading: Grand Theft Auto V's Delay and Next-Generation Consoles

GTA V could have been released on next-gen consoles like the upcoming PS4

Two big pieces of news appeared right at the end of the week, in the form of a delay for Grand Theft Auto V, which is now scheduled to appear on September 17, and the practical confirmation of the announcement for Sony's PlayStation 4, which takes place on February 20.

While one was quite sad, as no doubt millions of GTA fans already had plans to spend a large amount of time this spring with GTA V, the other one is quite exciting, as Sony shows a lot of confidence in its PlayStation 4.

The Japanese company could have opted to reveal its next-generation platform during a large trade fair, like how Microsoft will do with the Xbox 720 at E3 2013 in summer, but instead it's going to show it off during its own event in New York City.

This sort of reveal early in the year could hint at a release of the PlayStation 4 onto the market as early as this fall, probably to coincide with the all-but-inevitable Xbox 720 from Microsoft.

This sort of launch, however, could drastically impede the sales of Grand Theft Auto V, as it's quite likely that a lot of hardcore gamers will opt to skip over GTA V in order to buy a PlayStation 4 or a Xbox 720, as well as some of the first games for it.

Looking from afar, GTA V developer Rockstar is making the right decision, as there's a much bigger market for the game if it appears on current-generation platforms like the PS3 or Xbox 360, as already tens of millions of people own the devices.

Even so, Rockstar could have easily pushed lots of people to buy the PS4 or Xbox 720 if Grand Theft Auto V appeared on these other two devices and ensured lots of sales because it was one of the first titles to appear on such devices.

As of yet, however, we still don't know when the PS4 or Xbox 720 will appear, so it's anybody's guess if they're going to hit the market around the same time as GTA V.

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