Webview Widget for Symbian Belle Enters Beta Stage

It will deliver web content straight to users’ screens

Today, Nokia Beta Labs announced the availability of a beta flavor of a new app for Symbian Belle devices, namely the Webview widget.

Just as the name suggests, the new Webview widget was designed to provide users with updates from the Internet straight on the homescreen of their devices, so as to keep them in the loop, with new content.

“The Webview widget allows you to see up-to-date web page view directly on your homescreen. You can zoom and pan your favorite page so that a piece of it becomes part of the homescreen,” the developer notes.

“After setting up the view, just swiping to the homescreen loads & updates the view, as does activating the phone from standby if the widget is visible in the current homescreen page.”

After downloading and installing the widget, users will simply need to place it on a homescreen on their smartphones, and then navigate to url and select view (pan, pinch-zoom).

The widget features automatic background reload, which will kick in instantly as soon as the user navigates to the homescreen with the widget on it.

Owners of Symbian Belle devices will be able to change the view whenever they like by long pressing the widget and tapping on the icon on the left-hand side bottom corner.

If they want to go to the web to learn more on what is being presented in the widget, users simply need to click on the software, and the browser will be launched.

The Webview Widget for Symbian team also encourages users who download and install the widget to provide feedback on their experience before the end of February, if possible.

“We are especially interested to hear how you see the changing page content affecting usability of this widget. The Webview widget works best in web pages where the content location does not change on reloads,” the team announced.

“We would also welcome examples of websites where the Webview widget is especially useful for you,” the team continues. The team will assess the commercial launch of the widget based on user feedback.

Download Webview Widget for Symbian Belle


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