Website of the Presidency of the Republic of El Salvador Hacked by VandaTheGod

The UGNazi hacker has breached other government sites as well

By on January 21st, 2013 08:29 GMT

VandaTheGod of the “new” UGNazi hacker group has breached several subdomains of the website of the presidency of the Republic of El Salvador.

Defacement pages have been added to subdomains such as “cultura,” “ tecnica,” “asuntosestrategicos” and “inclusionsocial.”

At the time of writing, the defacement pages added by the hacker were still hosted on the subdomains of the El Salvador presidency.

Over the past couple of days, the same hacker has managed to breach other government websites as well, including the ones of the Government Portal of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Virtual Documentation Center, and Costa Rica’s San Isidro municipality.

Other government sites hacked recently by VandaTheGod are the ones of Mozambique’s Transfrontier Conservation Areas project, and Argentina’s Honorable Council of Olavarria.


El Salvador Presidency's website hacked by VandaTheGod
   El Salvador Presidency's website hacked by VandaTheGod