Website of Sony Music Mexico Hacked, Defaced

The site has been breached by a hacker called DiE_AucH

The official website of Sony Music Mexico (, owned and operated by Sony Music Entertainment Mexico, has been hacked and defaced by DiE_AucH.

“You have been hacked. Your security is NULL. You must work on it. Owned by DiE_Auch,” reads the message posted by the hacker on the defaced page.

It’s worth noting that the hacker hasn’t replaced the index page of the site. Instead, he has added the defacement page into the website’s “media” folder.

According to HackRead, this isn’t the only Mexican website hacked by DiE_AucH. He has also defaced the site of an educational institution called “Instituto La Paz.”

At the time of writing, the site of Sony Music Mexico still hosted the defacement page added by the hacker.

The website doesn’t appear to contain any sensitive information. On the other hand, it’s linked to another Sony Music domain which appears to hold subscriber details such as names, email addresses, addresses and dates of birth.

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