Website of Peru’s President Hacked and Defaced by LulzSec Peru

The hacktivists are unhappy with the way the country is governed

Hackers of LulzSec Peru have breached and defaced the official website of Peru’s President ( 

The attack took place on Sunday, and the administrators quickly took down the website. At the time of writing, it appears to be working properly.

The hacktivists have targeted the presidency’s website because they’re unhappy with the way the country is governed.

“We’ve attacked [the presidency’s website] because the country is run by people ‘with no brain’ who only seek power and don’t care about the people of this country, only their personal interests. We hope they realize that they’re causing damage to the country. We don’t like corruption,” the hackers wrote in Spanish on the defaced website.

Peru’s presidency hasn’t issued any statement regarding the hack attack.

This is not the first time when LulzSec Peru targets the country’s presidency. Back in April, they hacked the President’s Twitter account and blog.

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