Website of Iraq’s Prime Minister Breached by Kuwait Hackers Reuters

The site is defaced for the second time this year

The Team Kuwait Hackers group has breached and defaced the official website of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ( This is the second time this year when the website is hacked.

According to Reuters, the attackers have published a picture and a message that read: “You want to be like Bashar al-Assad. You are a destroyer. Bashar is finished and victory is very close. God help you sons of Iraq against the tyranny.”

The picture posted by Team Kuwait Hackers shows two women, dressed in black, crying. It apparently represents support for the Iraqi citizens who are currently fighting oppression.

Judging by a mirror, the prime minister’s website was first hacked on January 13 by the same hacker collective. Shortly after the breach, the site was taken down. was restored a couple of days ago, only to be defaced once again.

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