Website of Cambodia’s Royal Gendarmerie Hacked and Defaced

The attack comes shortly after the arrests of 11 activists

A couple of domains of Cambodia’s Royal Gendarmerie ( and have been hacked and defaced by members of Team Khmer-Shadow. 

In addition, the same group has hacked the site of Cambodia’s Development Program (, and a local news website ( Team Khmer-Shadow says it has targeted the Cambodian websites as part of its “pentesting” program.

However, Anonymous Cambodia suggests that that the Team Khmer-Shadow hacker who defaced the site of the Gendarmerie is a “friend.”

The attack on Cambodia’s Royal Gendarmerie comes shortly after 11 political activists were arrested by police for protesting in front of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city.

In December 2013, Anonymous Cambodia launched DDOS attacks against over two dozen government and other high-profile websites just as people were marching on the streets demanding new elections.

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