Website Publishes Photos of Unclaimed Bodies, for Families to Identify

The UK Missing Persons Bureau debuts a platform where families can search for loved ones

The Missing Persons Bureau in Britain is taking to the Internet in an effort to help identify bodies of victims of accidents or crimes.

For the first time in history, investigators are letting families search for their missing loved ones in their database of doom. A total of around 1,000 John Does are included in the Bureau's archives, some unclaimed since the 1950s, Daily Mail reports.

“The aim of the new site is to bring closure to the families and friends of the people featured.

“With new unidentified person cases we rely on modern forensic techniques for identification but on older cases we look to use every tool available and believe that case publicity is the best chance of getting images recognized.

“This will be the first time families of missing people have been able to search through records for themselves and it will empower families to play an active part in the search for their loved ones,” Bureau rep Joe Apps states.

The site will primarily post pictures of the bodies of the deceased; however, creators have made sure to post warning messages before showing the extremely disturbing shots. Once the viewer is informed about the content they are about to see, they can choose whether or not to continue to the pictures.

Missing persons will also feature the more than 100 unidentified body parts they currently have in custody, as well as personal belongings of the missing individuals.

6 percent of those who make up the list of John Does are still alive. The Bureau included photos of patients with amnesia, that were unable to locate their family and friends otherwise.

The site has already received more traffic than investigators had hoped for. As well as offering the chance for closure for families of the deceased, it provides a platform where one can declare missing persons.

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