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Take a screenshot of an entire webpage

Ever wanted to see a screenshot of a whole webpage so you can later make an idea about the page layout and design? I am sure that rookie designers document themselves at the beginning of their careers by analyzing cool design sites. The only problem is that nobody provides a full screenshot of the site; moreover, sites that have a considerable page length need multiple screenshots that have to be merged to get a full image. Well that is not 100% true.

There are some applications that can ease this job taking screenshots of the entire page without the need to scroll it and have multiple images taken. With just one click, a full webpage can be saved in an image format. Take Softpedia for example. Due to the huge amount of information displayed on the site you need to scroll a lot to get to the bottom of the page.

Now just imagine how difficult would be to start taking screenshots of every screen with the print screen function or with any other screen capture application, save each captured screen and then merge all the images in order to obtain a single picture.

Wouldn't it be easier and faster to just click an icon and in a couple of seconds to have the image served and saved?

To help you, I browsed Softpedia's database and look what I found:

IE Screenshot

This small application acts like an Internet Explorer browser plug-in which lets you take a screenshot of a whole website that you accessed using Internet Explorer. By placing a small camera icon on the Internet Explorer toolbar it is very comfortable to save any page in a Bmp format (saving it to BMP is the restriction for the free version of the application) for a later view and analysis.

Webpage Capture

Using the same principle as the application mentioned above, you can enjoy website screenshot capture at a mouse click. Just click the button on the toolbar and the page is immediately saved on HDD. You can even select the location of the output image such as a removable flashpen or any other place on your hard disk.


If you are not a friend of the Internet, Explorer Webshot is the help you need. It is not a browser depended application as the first two application described before. It is a standalone application that saves screenshots of an entire webpage without even you being required to open the page with a browser. The only thing you have tot do is to provide the link for the desired webpage to be photographed.

The program is smart enough to access the page itself saving it to the disk. The fun part is that you can use it to do batch screen capture operations for multiple pages at a time. More than that, it can be setup to resize the output image to a preferred resolution and image quality.

Test them and use the one that best suits your needs.

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